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About us

The Expert In Industrial Filtration

With passion and love we have helped hundreds of industries to increase productivity through our innovative and holistic industrial filter upgrades solutions.


Our goal is to safely and promptly get your equipment back to production availability. We customize every filtration job to ensure contaminants are effectively removed and environmental compliant.


High performance cost effective products and technical consulting support are value plus that gain the respect and trust of our clients.

Our Mission

Provide clients with distinctive and unparalleled products quality & customer service solutions in all aspects of our business to gain the respect and trust of our clients, suppliers and partner vendors. High performance and cost effective products, knowledge-base technical support & consulting support will be an integral part of our business.

Our Vision

To become and remain the leading proactive & strategic reliability focus company in fluid filtration, separation, dehydration, purification, heat exchange and lubrication development.

What We Do

Filter Element Upgrades(Lube I Hydraulic I Air)
Water Removal Filter
Lube Oil Filter
Hydraulic Oil Filter
Lubricant Coalescer System
Vacuum Dehydrator
EHC Oil Purifier
Varnish Removal System
Lube Oil Restoration
Total Moisture Removal System
On-Line Filtration Skid
Off-Line Filtration Skid

Compressed Air Solutions
Air Filter
Intake Air Filter
Desiccant Air Dryer
Refrigerated Air Dryer
Compressed Air Dew Point Meter

Our Service

Lube Oil Cleaning
Lube Oil Change
EHC Oil Cleaning
EHC Oil Change
Particle Count On-site
Particle Counter Rental
Filtration Equipment Rental
Filtration Equipment Rental and Purchase
Repair and Custom Solutions
Customize and Reverse Engineering
Oil Analysis and Inspection

Compressed Air Solutions
Air Dryer Troubleshooting
Air Dryer Service
Change Desiccant
Compressed Air Dew Point Checking
Compressor Service

You Have An Oil Cleanliness Target
We Will Help You To Achieve Your GOAL!



We Make Your Oil Clean

Remove - Restore - Achieve - Maintain

Leveraging Hy-Pro Filtration’s DFE Filter technology and EPT Clean Oil’s ICB™ Filter technology are the next level advanced technologies that will resolve unmanaged lubricant deposits formation and, will significantly reduce the risk of premature lubricant failures saving billions of dollars.

Take The First Step We Will Do The Rest!

Don't Take Our Words. Hear What They Say About Us

"I’m very impressed with the result especially on the particle count and MPC index. The results speak for itself. Based on the analysis result of last LO sample, the results are even better than the OEM’s Turbines specification. We are indeed satisfied with the performance of the filtration unit."
Rotating Equipment Technical Authority
Off-Shore Malaysia
"I think I need to tell you this. surprisingly MAB and TAB tank really clean. I don't want to believe its the SVR™ effect, but its really clean. Last time varnish was quite bad on the tank bottom."
Rotating Equipment Engineer
Refinery Malaysia
"Two (2) weeks after the installation, gearbox oil contaminant levels were reduced significantly and the cleanliness target was achieved from ISO 21/18/13 to ISO 15/13/10 (NAS 11 to NAS 4)."
Coal Mill Ultrasupercritical Turbine
Power Generation Plant Malaysia

"Am very happy with the Solution you have provided to us. It do wonders."

Rotating Equipment Technical Authority
Off-Shore Malaysia

" PSR team completed the lube oil replacement and cleaning project ahead of timeline. PSR team work was well organized and they are very helpful and generous."
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Condition Based Monitoring
Power Generation Plant Malaysia
"2-Year Challenge Accomplished! Solving Water Problem-Steam Turbine Lubricant with Hy-Pro Vacuum Dehydrator VUD Vac-U-Dry"
Refinery Malaysia

Our Services

Quality Filtration Achieves Lowest Maintenance Cost

Oil Analysis and Inspection

Used oil analysis is a strategy of proactive maintenance that provides meaningful and accurate information on lubricant and machine condition.

By tracking used oil analysis data results over the life of a particular machine can help eliminate costly repairs and unscheduled forced outages.

We, at PSR The Expert In Industrial Filtration provides oil analysis consulting and solutions to reduce costly repairs, limit unplanned downtime, increase equipment reliability & availability, extend oil drain intervals and evaluate product performance to help establish or improve maintenance best practices.

Oil Cleaning

Lubricating oil systems require clean oil that is free from abrasive particles and corrosive compounds. Remove harmful contaminants and keep your rotating and hydraulic equipment operating at peak performance; significantly reducing the potential for premature failure.

Maintenance and downtime on equipment can be minimized by performing an effective system cleaning during commissioning and following maintenance and repair services.

Call us for site assessment and technical support. Our experience and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to match the correct filtration system to your application.

Rental Equipment

PSR The Expert In Industrial Filtration maintains a fleet of rental equipment to assist you with your fluid contamination control and conditioning requirements. This fleet includes filter carts, insoluble varnish removal carts, soluble varnish removal & mitigation skid.

All of our particulate filter upgrades filtration systems feature Dynamic Filter Efficiency (DFE) filters and Ion Charge Bonding technology for Soluble Varnish Removal system enable us to provide clearly superior solutions to today’s filtration challenges.

We offer monthly rental and rental with purchase options. Check with us for equipment availability and book your availability early.

Repair and Custom Solutions

We, PSR The Expert In Industrial Filtration offers holistic solutions before you decide for repair or refurbishment of your used equipment. We service, refurbish, upgrade or even re-engineer your filtration and purification equipment to much easier and lower cost to operate.

We offer a variety of machine service and refurbishment to benefit your business. Choosing to refurbish critical parts and components rather than scrap an entire machine eliminates the expense of buying brand-new equipment by extending the service life of your existing machines.

By utilizing our machine or equipment repair and refurbishment services, you’re able to restore machine or equipment to like new condition at far below the cost of purchasing new.

Our Partners
Innovating Filtration Technology * Creating Filtration Value * Changing Filtration Life

We Understand Your Requirements and Let You Customize However You Wish

Our Commitment to Our Clients


Porven Performance

Our innovative high performance and cost effective filtration solutions

Services of industrial filter specialist has proven tracks solving a range of contamination challenges including particulate contamination, gearbox filtrationoil reclamation,  removing water from oillube oil varnishphosphate ester fluid maintenanceservo valve failures, and many more serving broad spectrum of industrial hydraulic, lubrication, process and compressed air system with our filter upgrades.

High Performance
Cost Effective

One of largest selection of critical filter elements.

Over 500,000 filter element crosses, Hy-Pro’s interchange and up-grade offers the most extensive and comprehensive selection of critical hydraulic and lube oil filter elements. Each year, we catalog thousands of filter elements in our efforts to provide our customers with the best contamination solutions, service and support possible.



When it comes to filtration If you can’t find it we will make it.

We offer exact interchange up-grade filters for OEM filter companies from most of the brands in the industry.

We provide pre-engineered and custom design solutions for filter elements, oil purification and filtration applications.


We customize filtration solutions for every job.

You get targeted options to help you maximize filtration and ensure environmental compliance.

Our goal is to safely and promptly get your equipment back to production availability as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our filtration services are developed collaboratively with your requirement to ensure your expectations are fully complied.

We understand your needs for products functionality and service quality experience are both critical.  We answer every request as quickly as we can, usually within 24–48 hours. We take pride and ownership of your purchase of product functionality, delivery and service quality with us.

Our Clients

Clients Who Trusted Us.

Customers Success

The Problem
The initial sample taken MPC ΔE was in the abnormal range (31-40) indicating medium level of degradation by-products associated with varnish are present in the fluid. This level of varnish precursors became a problem within the system. Oil observed was dark coloured.

The Solution
The EPT Explosion Proof SVR1200 was installed and MPC ΔE stabilized at single digit 3.5
Varnish Removal Success

The Problem
A 330MW combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Malaysia has experienced varnish issue in the Gas Turbine lube oil system. Membrane Patch Colorimetry Test, ASTM D7843 MPC ΔE value was found at the abnormal range 29.1

The Solution
The SVR was installed and reduced the varnish potential from MPC ΔE 29.1 to MPC ΔE 14.5 and MPC ΔE stabilized at single digit 5.6
Power Generation
Varnish Removal Success

The Problem
Meeting OEM recommended operating gear oil cleanliness target of ISO -/19/16 is obviously tough challenges ahead. Plant personnel began searching for a better lubrication system to break the wear chain reaction.

The Solution
Two (2) weeks after the installation, gearbox oil contaminant levels were reduced significantly and the cleanliness target was achieved.

Power Generation
Ultra-Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant Coal Mill Pulverizer Gearbox Lube Filtration Improvement Success

Let's Get Started

Whether you have a question about features, trials demo, or anything else, our team is ever ready to answer all your questions.

Innovative Technology Filters Your Problems for Your Ways​

Hy-Pro Filter Upgrades

Hy-Pro filter element upgrades deliver the highest capture and retention efficiencies (βx[c] ≥ 4000) through advanced DFE rated element media and the removal of particles, water and oxidation byproducts, making Hy-Pro elements the one component in your critical systems that saves you money.

  • Lube Design Elements
  • Dynafuss - Stainless Steel Fiber
  • NSD - Non Spark Discharge
  • ICB - Varnish + Varnish Removal
  • Water Removal
  • Turbo-Toc Upgrades
  • Duplex Filter Assemblies
  • Low Pressure Assemblies
  • Medium Pressure Assemblies
  • High Pressure Assemblies
  • In-Tank Assemblies

Hy-Pro Fluid Conditioning

Maintain proper fluid condition with Hy-Pro filter carts, dedicated off-line filtration, vacuum dehydration, turbine oil & fuel coalesce, soluble varnish removal SVR and electrostatic contamination removal systems.

  • Vacuum Dehydrator
  • Varnish Prevention and Removal
  • Phosphate Ester Fluid Solution
  • Fluid Conditioning Equipment
  • Off-Line Filtration System
  • Diesel Fuel Conditioning System
  • Fluid Handling And Storage
  • Reservoir Accessories
  • Test Kits and Equipment

Taisei Kogyo Filter Elements

Taisei uses its original technologies to develop and manufacture various hydraulic filter media. The use of these filters helps prolong the service life of  hydraulic components by preventing the chain reaction of wear, not to mention maintaining the cleanliness of hydraulic fluid.

  • Suction Strainer
  • Suction In-Line Strainer
  • In-Line Filter
  • Duplex Filter
  • Return Line Filter
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Breather
  • Off-Line Filter
  • Specialty Products

Taisei Kogyo Heat Exchanger

TAISEI Low Fin Tube
~For best heat exchanger~

  • Shell & Tube Type
  • FCF
  • FCD
  • FCDB
  • FCU
  • FCX
  • FCW
  • Air Cooled Type
  • ATL-A
  • ATK
  • ATS
  • Specialty Products
  • ATF

EPT Varnish Solutions

Over the last 20 years, EPT has developed the world’s leading lubricant and fluid cleaning technologies that remove hidden contamination responsible for failures and lost production, and also protect lubricants against common failure pathways.

  • SVR™ Soluble Varnish Removal
  • ECR™ System
  • ICB™ Filter Ion Charge
  • TMR™ N2 System
  • NSD™ Non-Spark Filters
  • ACE™ Oil analysis
  • MPC Test Kit

Service Custom Solutions

We help industries to increase productivity through our holistic and innovative industrial filtration solutions by protecting critical operating assets for high reliability and availability that lower your cost of ownership.

  • Oil Analysis
  • Oil Cleaning
  • Site Inspection
  • Rental Equipment
  • Repair Solutions
  • Reverse Engineering

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Whether you have a question about features, trials, demos, or anything else, our team is ever ready to answer all your questions.

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