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The World's Largest Selection of Critical Filter Elements

Hy-Pro comprehensively offers over 500,000 filter elements upgrade for critical hydraulics, lube oil and fuel filtration solutions. 


Filter Element Upgrades for

Pall, Schroeder, General Electric, Indufil, Stauff, CC Jensen, Cuno, MP Filtri, Hydac, Argo Hytos, Des Case, Hilco, PTI, Eaton, Rexroth, Filtroil, RRR, Parker, Internormen, Eppensteiner, Kaydon, Harvard, Mahle, Isopur, Yamashin, And More...

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DFE Filter Elements Upgrade

Reduce Your Filter Usage and Increase Your Uptime.


DFE Filter Element Matches Real World Conditions

Hy-Pro filter element upgrades deliver the highest capture and retention efficiencies (βx[c] ≥ 4000) through advanced DFE rated element media and the removal of particles, water and oxidation byproducts, making Hy-Pro elements the one component in your critical systems that saves you money.

Hy-Pro’s advanced media technology is at the heart of our performance. DFE filter element construction goes beyond the lab and is field tested and proven to deliver cleaner oil in industry’s toughest applications, all the time.

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Highest Single Pass Capture and Retention Efficiency

It's all about ISO Codes.

Hy-Pro provides the highest single pass capture and retention efficiency.

Hy-Pro DFE rated filter element upgrades deliver industry’s lowest in-service ISO codes before and after the filter. Rated to βX[C] ≥ 4000, Hy-Pro elements ensure your fluids are always clean and always in spec.

What really matters in critical hydraulic, lube and fuel applications is actual in-service oil cleanliness (ISO codes). Proven in both the lab and real world applications, Hy-Pro filter elements deliver the highest single pass efficiency, translating to remarkably lower in-service ISO Codes than competitors.

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DFE Filter Element Upgrade Saves Money Longer Life

Once New Fluid Cleanliness Equilibrium Achieved.

DFE Filter Element Filters Better Last Longer

Hy-Pro Element Upgrades last longer once a new fluid cleanliness equilibrium is achieved.

Hy-Pro elements achieve and maintain lower actual in-service fluid cleanliness (ISO) codes utilizing DFE media technology to capture and retain more contaminants. By maintaining a cleaner system and greatly reducing the rate of internally generated wear, Hy-Pro elements provide incredible efficiency over consistently long lifespans.

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Industrial Grade Elements Outperform the Original.

DFE element upgrades deliver the highest capture and retention efficiencies (βx[c] ≥ 4000) through advanced DFE rated element media.


The DFE Multi-Pass Testing Method

DFE multi-pass enhances the industry standard by inducing dynamic conditions (duty cycle) and measuring the effects of the duty cycle in real time instead of looking at normalized numbers over a time weighted average. DFE also quantifies retention efficiency in real time in order to identify a filter’s ability to properly retain previously captured contaminant and the degree to which it unloads captured contaminant back into the system. For an easy comparison, think of it as a sneeze that releases a rush of contamination to levels that are well above the upper limit of fluid cleanliness then fades as the flow rate normalizes.

In the DFE test, flow rate is truly dynamic in that rapid changes can be made while maintaining full system flow through the test filter. The raw data is continuously collected and organized so filter efficiency can be reported for variable flow conditions including time weighted averages and isolated moments to reveal true filter performance during hydraulic stress conditions – exactly when you need the filter to perform at its best.

At the end of the initial test when the filter element is loaded with contaminant, it is subjected to a restart test in which the flow goes from zero to max flow in milliseconds, replicating a hydraulic or lube system restart. Through rapid particle counting with precise control, this dynamic flow change allows Hy-Pro to analyze the amount of particles released and understand both the capture and retention efficiencies of each and every filter tested.

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Hy-Pro DFE Upgrades Element Proven Performance in Real World

Fast Clean-Up. Fast Uptime. Less Work Time. Reduce Downtime Cost.


We’ll Prove It On Your System

Together we help you achieve and maintain world class fluid cleanliness with solutions and strategies, sampling best practices, connected fluid monitoring, results interpretation, and condition based solutions all combined to give you cleaner oil and longer element life.

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βX[C] ≥ 4000 rated high efficiency capture and retention synthetic media.
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DFE High Efficiency Particle Filter Element

Water Removal Media Glass media with special layers to adsorb and retain water.
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Water Removal Filter Element

High efficiency particulate, insoluble oxidation by-product (varnish) and water removal media.
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VTM Media 0.7 Micron Filter Element

DFE Rated glass media optimized to prevent element sparking while maintaining βX[C] ≥ 4000 efficiencies.
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Non Spark Discharge Filter Element

Stainless steel media for fire resistant and highly corrosive fluids.
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Dynafuzz Stainless Steel Filter Element

Coarse media for high viscosity fluids.
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Wire Mesh Filter Element

Media used to separate water from turbine oils and diesel fuels.
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Coalesce Separator Filter Element

Specialty media for removing oxidation by-products and acids from turbine oils, compressor oils, and other fluids.
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ICB Acid Scavenging Filter Element

With over 500,000 filter element crosses, Hy-Pro’s Interchange offers the most extensive and comprehensive selection of critical hydraulic and lube oil filter elements anywhere.
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Industrial Filter Elements Upgrade Custom Made

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